Environmental Consultancy Services

ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTANCY SERVICES Legislations Through our Environmental consultancy services we aim to bridge the gap between infrastructure and environment through our consultative environmental solutions. Following are some of the services…

Water Resource Management

WATER RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Case Studies Certificates KIPL’s capability in water resource management covers designing, engineering, procurement and construction of features such as raw water intake systems, water retaining structures, pumping…

Water and Waste Water Treatment

Removal of Corrosion, Scaling, Fouling and Bio Growth using German Technology Wellan Ring(s) - Green and Sustainable Water Treatment KIPL has German technology partnership for Wellan Rings for water treatment…

Solid Waste Management

ORGANIC WASTE CONVERTERS Legislations KIPL's capability in Solid Waste Management covers Designing, Engineering, Procurement, and Construction of Integrated Solid Waste Management, Scientific closure of landfill, Construction and Demolition waste management,…

Kesari Infrabuild Private Limited

Today the world is grappling with enormous environmental challenges. The severity and enormity of these challenges is only increasing by leaps and bounds. Sustainable solutions to safeguard, preserve and nurture the existing environment is the need of the hour. Committed to be part of this movement, KIPL made a humble beginning in early 2000 in the field of environmental engineering by undertaking projects in water management. Our journey on the path of environmental engineering excellence led us to undertake projects related to Water and Waste Water treatment and Solid Waste Management.


KIPL's initiative as a part of our corporate social responsibility is to:
  • Educate reduction in water use and enhance recycle and reuse of water.
  • Educate communities on advanced , eco friendly technologies on reducing/ removal of adverse impacts like corrosion, scaling, bio fouling and microbial growth in any water/ liquid conduit a Green Initiative
  • Educate communities on benefits of tree plantation and participate in tree plantation programs along with other stake holders.
As we stand by our statement Service to water is Service to Life

Team that runs our organisation

Blogs & News

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