The ever decreasing lush green landscape and smog-filled air with concrete jungles and climate change are affecting the environmental serenity, biodiversity, resources and deteriorating the liveable atmosphere for the human being. The most important mitigative and regenerative technique is dense plantation and afforestation that has capability to mitigate the greenhouse gases and climate change, to protect and enhance the natural resources of water and soil, and to enhance the biodiversity of plants, animals, and birds to create sustainable liveable environment in the troposphere of the earth.

We undertake urban forestation work, by creating Forest using methods like Miyawaki concept which is Smart, 100% Organic, Wild & Self-sustaining, which in turn helps restore the Earths Delicate Ecosystem in its own way.


Preservation, conservation and rejuvenation of water bodies in urban areas are important. The major factor that contributes to the sustainable development of an area is its water bodies. Moreover, presence of water bodies give added social, psychological and environment value. It includes

(a) Enhancing the aesthetic quality and place quality, thereby contributing to the image of the city or town
(b) Enhancing the social and recreational value and thus increasing the livability of the residents and land value many fold.

We design solutions in attempt to

  • Bring the importance of water bodies in an urban area to sustain its eco system
  • Highlight the issues and potentials of the existing water bodies and
  • Sampling & Analysis to determine the causes and severity of the environmental degradation
  • Develop a Remedial Action Plan (RAP) specific to the impairments of the area identified.
  • Focus on Selection of secondary treatment of waste water as per the findings
  • Influence biotic diversity, attract migratory birds and native birds & enrich flaura and fuanal communities
  • Promote tourism and recreational activities

Beautification plans